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As far as months can go I think March has by far been one of my best this year (fair enough there’s only been 3 so far but it has been incredible).
Lucy W Mar1
We started the month off by attending Attington Stud for some XC! The facilities and organisation of the place were incredible. The jumps ranged from 3* eventing combinations to beginners. The water complex was especially beneficial and incredible for us as we really needed to work on Coletta wanting to get her hoofs wet… The complex had a variety of ways in and out of it with all different fences to jump whilst in it, there was also the option to just walk/trot/canter through it without jumping at any point. All of the other fences were also incredibly well built and rather challenging.
Lucy W Mar2
As you can see Coletta was feeling very fresh as she had not been jumped properly in a good few months. In hindsight I probably should have taken her out to a course hire or jumped her at home prior to attending as she was very strong and jumping everything huge however I seem to enjoy putting living life on the edge so there we go. Jumping everything huge is fab and I’ll never ever knock her for her effort but it is very challenging to sit to and find a stride when you know you’re about to be launched into space over what is already a decent sized fence.
Lucy W Mar3
After taking flying lessons at Attington, I then went onto work experience for a week at LittleBourne Equestrian Centre from the 6th of March until the 11th. I was previously employed by LittleBourne however I chose to take a job in an office whilst recovering from a few serious injuries which meant working with horses all day was not possible. I’ve had my horses at LittleBourne for the past 13 years so it feels like home and I know all of the staff and clients very well. The week was very enjoyable and I’ve realised just how much I miss working with the horses and the staff.
Lucy W Mar4
During my week of work experience I got to see Coletta all day every day which was lovely, I also got to ride every single day and had two lessons after work which was also extremely beneficial for me. I also had the opportunity to re-equant myself with a few clients who I no longer see as I do not work there anymore which was really nice.
Lucy W Mar5
After my week of work experienced finished, we took a trip down to Waylands Equestrian Centre on the 12th of March for some dressage. We managed to pull off a win with 69.73% in our first class and third place with 63.49% in our second class. Both classes were C&T winter championship qualifiers so we will be heading to C&T champs on the 21st of May! 
Lucy W Mar6
Coletta was incredibly well behaved and seemed to thoroughly enjoy our first class. In the second class however she got a bit excited and decided to throw in the odd buck just to remind me that she isn’t going to do all of the work, despite that she still got a third out of 20 odd people so I am very happy.
Lucy W Mar7Lucy W Mar8
The following weekend we had a ‘horse show free’ weekend as it was my 18th birthday! My mum had arranged a party for the Saturday night which turned out to be incredible, all of my friends turned up and my family so it was a lovely night. Coletta was not impressed that I chose to have a social life for one weekend over horse shows but we compromised by having a recovery day Sunday by going for a hack.
Lucy W Mar9Lucy W Mar10Lucy W Mar11
On the 26th of March we took Coletta to RAF Halton. It was such an amazing day which was full of fun and laughs. Coletta jumped out of her skin and was just absolutely incredibly well behaved the entire day. The lovely Katiie Lupton from ‘Katiie’s-Kaptures’ walked the entire thing with us to get some incredible photos!
Lucy W Mar12
Lucy W Mar13
I have made a video of the day at Halton and uploaded it to YouTube

To summarise this month has been absolutely amazing! I’ve loved every minute of it and have had some fantastic memories created to keep forever.
Lucy W Mar14 

Written by Lucy Wallace, #teamlikit at 14:00, 04 April 2017


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