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Lucy W Jul 1
As far as months go, I think this has been the best. We have been out competing every single week, and have begun to really see the results of our hard work paying off! First thing is first though, this month we got to see the final product of the #TeamLikit advertisement video!!!

Myself and Coletta absolutely loved working with the team to record this advert, it was by far one of the best experiences of my life. We would highly recommend for everyone to enter this year!
Lucy W Jul 2
To start the month off we took a trip down to LBF for a Wednesday night show league event being held. Coletta was great once in the arena… She jumped a double clear and finished 2nd overall. Very happy with second as I rode completely differently to normal as our instructor has been teaching me new ways of staying on, yay!
Lucy W Jul 3
Next up Coletta took a nap which I thought was very cute.
Lucy W Jul 4
After Coletta had finished her 3-day long nap… we took a trip down to Cherwell in Oxford for some more jumping, crazy I know right!! She jumped lovely in two very large and strong classes to come 2nd and 3rd. We also managed to qualify for ‘Championships of Great Britain’ being held in Wales through August and ‘Trailblazers National Champs’ during September. Very happy with that, she only tried to deck me twice so I feel we have improvement.
Lucy W Jul 5
The week after cherwell we went to yet some more jumping (I am starting to think Coletta is winning the on going discipline feud battle now), but this time we went jumping over fences that don’t fall when you hit them, how fun?! As to why these thoughts go through my head or why I think it is a good idea to attempt these things is beyond me, however Coletta was actually incredible well behaved at Attington XC and got some very nice comments throughout the day!
Lucy W Jul 6
Finally, on the last weekend of the month I got my own way, for once, and got out to do some dressage at Rob Wayne’s! All the jumping certainly put Coletta in a good mood as she was well up for the challenge in the ring! She did incredibly well and got a new PB! We came 2nd in the class and qualified for Hickstead Sunshine Tour in Septmeber!
Lucy W Jul 7
We went to D&D with our good friends Sam & Darcy, it was Darcy’s first ever show and I think everybody will join me in saying she done incredibly well throughtout the day in her showing and jumping classes!!!
Lucy W Jul 8
Darcy’s sister, friend and 2 brothers came to support her throughout the day and they fell in love with Coletta (I know, miracle)! I must be doing something right in life as Coletta has gone from being classed as ‘dangerous’ and ‘savage’ to being led round a show ground by very young children. She makes me very proud sometimes haha.
Lucy W Jul 9
Well that is about it for our month, I survived all of the jumping and am very much looking forward to a dressage filled month during August!! We have Pony Club camp coming up in August as well so watch this space as we are in for a very interetsing and busy month!

Lucy W Jul 10

Written by Lucy Wallace, #teamlikit at 17:00, 09 August 2017


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