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Wow, what a month February has been! Thankfully the weather has managed to hold off, even if Doris did try her best to keep us from attending shows, and we have managed to get back to going out and about to some shows, pc lectures and training sessions!
Lucy W Feb 1
To start the month of Coletta thought it would be great fun to try and deck me… She seems to get great amounts of satisfaction from putting me into some form of pain/situation… We had the physio out for her and as expected there is nothing wrong she is just feeling extremely well.
Lucy W Feb 2
This month our ponyclub, LittleBourne EC, has held a couple of lectures and training sessions for our badges and B test. As important as the learning side of it all is, we always manage to have great fun and a right laugh during the lectures. It’s almost like school but enjoyable?
Lucy W Feb 3
On the 4th of February we took Coletta down to Bury Farm for some Dressage. Once again Coletta did not approve of the fact no jumps were present so she made her own jumps by bucking constantly in the warm up… Once we got into the arena though she was absolutely incredible and picked up a respectable 6th again.
Lucy W Feb 4
Obviously on the 14th of Feb it was valentine’s day, so I made/bought Coletta a carrot cake. I tried to make one but I set the oven alight somehow so I am now banned from the kitchen. I went to Waitrose and picked one up instead, I’m pretty sure horses shouldn’t eat cake but Coletta isn’t normal so that’s ok. We had a lovely hack, grooming session and a photo shoot.
Lucy W Feb 5
Next up we attended a dressage show at Cherwell competition centre in Oxford. I may have miscalculated just how long it would take us to get there… It took us an hour and 45 minutes in the end and I calculated it would take us an hour… By the time we got there I had 4 minutes to tack up and warm up… Thankfully the lady who was after us wanted to go before me so I had an extra 10 minutes to get sorted. Coletta actually worked much better and didn’t buck once this time! She went near on perfectly in the test however during the long rein across the diagonal in walk I gave her too much rein, she pulled her head away and into the air so I took more rein back and the tightening of the reins caused her to break into a jog so we were penalised big time for that. We came away with a 7th and 66.78% so I am very happy with that as it is an improvement in percentage from the last few shows.
Lucy W Feb 6
Finally, on the 23rd of Feb we reached 1,000 subscribers on YouTube and 5,100 followers on instagram! We are currently on 1,050 subs on YouTube and I am hoping to reach 1,100 by the end of March. It’s crazy to think that so any people are interested and want to watch Coletta savage me… Joking, I love all of the support that I receive from everyone on social media, Likit and my family, we wouldn’t have made it this far without everyone so I am extremely thankful for everyone!
Lucy W Feb 7
To celebrate the 1,000 subs I uploaded a slightly different video. This video contains a horse I have never spoke about on social media as she did not stay with us for very long but she was incredible, Coletta and Domino. Some of the clips are rather funny, especially Coletta’s.
That is pretty much it for this month, we have lots planned for March! I go on work experience at the stables for the first two weeks of March, we are attending Attington for some XC, RAF Halton for some XC and Waylands EC for some C&T dressage winter championship qualifiers! I will also be turning 18 on the 24th so I am very excited for this upcoming month! I look forward to writing all about it in the up and coming weeks.
Lucy W Feb 8 

Written by Lucy Wallace, #teamlikit at 14:00, 07 March 2017


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