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Well for once we actually started a month off with a bang… and no I don’t mean by me hitting the deck ha! We attended LBF’S beginning of season open show on the 1st of May which held a few surprising results. So the day before this show Coletta thought it would be hilarious to show me the use of gravity, 4 legs did not stay on the floor at once for the entire session… If she wasn’t bucking she was rearing and if she wasn’t rearing she was galloping around like a llama in distress or a drowning alpaca as my instructor called her… Can I just point out the sheer look of joy on her face in these photos? Does she really enjoy risking my life that much… seriously though she needs to remember who pays for her feed. Ok maybe it’s not me but dad would be happy to stop paying for horses haha.
Lucy W May 1Lucy W May 2
Anyways, because of how naughty she was the day before I decided to scrap the jumping and take her showing. Yes, showing. The one where you have to stand still in a line whilst others do their show and be impeccably behaved to get anywhere. There’s two key things in that sentence that Coletta doesn’t understand, standing still and behaving. My thought process was that she isn’t going to enjoy it but it will help to teach her some manners. My mum even made a special appearance to watch me as she thought it’d be a funny sight me and Coletta flying around, rearing, causing issues and arguing with one another as usual.

If there is ever a time where I have to take my words back it is right now.
Lucy W May 3
I’m going to savour the moment writing this because it’s not going to happen very often. Coletta was the most incredibly behaved, patient and well-mannered horse going, she was a pleasure to work with in that arena and gave me 110%. The two judges complimented us on her “magnificent movements and fantastic attitude towards working with her rider”, they then followed it up by saying “she has the potential and looks to go very far”. If only they had seen her the day before haha!
Lucy W May 4
We picked up a 3rd in tack & turnout out of 32 riders, 2nd in best rider over 18 (I was the youngest in there) and a 1st in best ridden horse. BEST RIDDEN HORSE. The class that is souly dependant on how easy the horse looks to ride and how well behaved it is? My instructor was stood on the side lines laughing when they announced it. I must be doing something right if she looks worthy of winning that up against lots of riding school horses and proper showing horses.
Lucy W May 5Lucy W May 6
Next off me and my best friend, Kate, went to Badminton horse trials on the XC day. It was very interesting to watch how every rider had different strategies and techniques over certain combinations and obstacles! I personally close my eyes and hope for the best these days as I’ve no chance of beating the savage anymore haa. It was a really lovely day out and I managed to take some lovely photos for my portfolio I have to make.
Lucy W May 7
One of my favourite parts of badminton was having the ear piece and began able to listen to the commentary the whole way round. The atmosphere was just incredible as well. Everyone seemed really happy and supportive towards everyone! Me and Kate even made it onto the livestream viewing!
Lucy W May 8Lucy W May 9Lucy W May 10
After badminton we had a very very special visit from some very very lovely people who had an amazing opportunity for us! More details will be revealed at a later date.
Lucy W May 11Lucy W May 12
The weekend after badminton I had a weekend off to celebrate the fact that I have completely finished college and compulsory education! I am thrilled that I pulled off a D*DD at college which is the equivalent to 3 A’s at A levels in UCAS points! Very very happy with, it just shows that 2 years of very hard work and dedication does pay off and is well worth it. I am not entirely sure what to do with my life now… I would like to go off and begin working but have no idea what I want to work doing… I have the option to attend Nottingham uni as I applied and got in but I’m not sure if uni is the right option for me personally. I’ve got until September to decided and figure my life out now though.
Lucy W May 13
Lastly for this month we attended Bury farm for trailblazers second round qualifiers. We managed to pick up a 3rd and a 2nd in our classes. We’ve had better days and personally I didn’t feel we deserved those placings but luck must have been on our side this weekend. So now we are off to Trailblazers championships and Bury Farm summer dressage finale champs in September!
Lucy W May 14
There was a 68-minute wait to get our score sheets so to keep me entertained whilst mum went to the café… I started impersonating Coletta, I think some of them are pretty fabulous.
Lucy W May 15
That’s about it for this month, next month is full of showjumping so wish me the best of luck. I am not looking forward to it and fear for my life. Coletta on the other hand is currently pre-thinking up new tactics and strategies for trying to get me off already.

Written by Lucy Wallace, #teamlikit at 14:00, 14 June 2017


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