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Hello everyone! We hope you all had a lovely February! Mika and I have had yet another wonderful month advertising our Likit products.
Isobel Feb4
This month has been a lovely opportunity for Mika and me to continue our training. Although she started off being quite naughty (lots of bucking and she bolted twice!) we've had lessons to improve our dressage and polework, and some lovely hacks in the sunshine!
Isobel Feb1Isobel Feb2
We began February with some very informative dressage lessons. As Mika is an ex-show jumping mare, she has always found it difficult to work in a correct, round shape. This is very important for every horse, but it is especially crucial for Mika, as she is an older mare and needs to keep a muscular and strong top line. We have been doing lots of stretching exercises using our smaller Likit Snaks, and while riding I have been giving Mika squares of her favorite Mint Treat bar! I have found that she is much softer when she is being rewarded with a treat bar as she enjoys them so much!
Isobel Feb6
Above Mika is stretching her head 'Long and Low', which we always do during our warm-up and cool-down. This helps improve her topline, and keep Mika supple!

This month we also began more jumping practice once again, as the weather had improved and the footing in the arenas is much better, too! I need to try to keep Mika calm and steady when coming towards a jump, as she has been very excited about it! She hasn't managed to throw me off just yet, but she was very close to doing so when she took off and galloped across the entire arena! She is a very strong mare who really enjoys jumping, so we only worked over very small fences this February. Hopefully next month she will be quieter and we can jump a little higher!
Isobel Feb3
Since Mika did a lot of hard work this month, I gave her an electrolyte Likit (Likit Sport) in her Boredom Breaker, which she has clearly been delighted about! I had to move the Boredom Breaker further away from the wall, so it's more difficult for her to eat the Little Likit. Hopefully she won't press it against the wall again and eat it within 15 minutes! I've been checking for teeth marks on the Likits...

Mika has definitely enjoyed showing off this month! In the photo below she is demonstrating her Spanish Walk, which is one of her favorite tricks! She always whinnies while she does it because she knows she'll get Likit Snaks as a reward afterwards. They're perfect for teaching horses new tricks!
Isobel Feb5
Here's a tip for taking photos of your horse; You can rustle an empty Likit Snaks or Stud Muffin packet to get he/she to prick their ears! It always works with Mika!

We hope you all have a lovely March, Best wishes, Brand Ambassadors Isobel and Mika!
Isobel Feb7 

Written by Isobel Vassilopoulou, #teamlikit at 21:50, 08 March 2017


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