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Merry Christmas!

December has been a quiet month for Gi and I, we have packed in some great training sessions. We did have an arena cross country competition planned for Sunday the 10th December; unfortunately due to heavy snow the competition was moved to the 29th, again more bad weather stopped the fun. Where I am based in Northamptonshire the first snow lasted for 4 days and the ice that followed stayed for the majority of the week, meaning Gigi has been rather lucky and had a week off of work! Gigi did get to go out and have some fun in the snow but she soon decided she would rather be in her stable, thankfully she has a selection of Likit treats and toys in her stable to keep her occupied. Gigi has been loving her Snak-A-Ball this month, she has been cooped up inside due to the bad weather and flooded fields so I have been using her Snak-A-Ball to provide her with various distractions, such as feeding her hard feed, grass pellets and of course her favourite flavour; mint and eucalyptus Likit Snaks!
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What Have We Been Up To This Month?

This month’s highlights:

  • 3rd Dec Jumping Lesson With Tom Fray at Home Farm Hothorpe
  • 26th Dec Jumping Lesson With Tom Fray at Moulton College

Tom, my coach was over at Home Farm Hothorpe on the 3rd of December so I decided to take Gigi and hire their indoor ménage, I often use Hothorpe’s eventers arena however this was our first time in the indoor; with a full set of show jumps. Gigi was absolutely flying in our lesson, she looked at some of the fences but with a bit of encouragement she popped over them with ease. It’s great to feel her trust and confidence in jumping is improving since a rotational fall back in may shook us both up.
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We also had a training date at Moulton College with Tom. I really appreciate the local indoor ménages as they provide some protection from the weather during our ride. Our lesson at Moulton was shared with two other people, so we jumped round the course that had been set out, working on some tight turns and lengthening the strides in doubles; as I tend to shorten a bit too much.
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The rest of our month has been spent mostly hacking and playing due to the ménage at my yard becoming too frozen! Gigi has loved the break although I am getting competition withdrawal symptoms! Gigi has had some well deserved rest while I went travelling over the Christmas and New Year period, she has been well and truly spoiled with her favourite treats; Stud Muffins!! She even opened her own Christmas presents on Christmas morning!
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I have been very busy with Christmas as my family live very far apart, especially my mum because she now lives in Liverpool! This meant I got to travel to Liverpool and attend the Saturday evening performance at The Liverpool International Horse Show held over the New Year. I witnessed some amazing competitors in the Grand Prix show jumping and the breath taking Puissance wall! There was also the opportunity to do a bit of shopping!
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I hope everyone has had a great Christmas with their horses and a Happy New Year!
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