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Harriet Nov 1I have to start my blog saying how excited and grateful I am to be writing this for Likit! I hope everyone enjoys reading my first blog as much as I am enjoying writing it!

This month was definitely about getting out as much as possible and gaining all the competition experience, because at home we have been working so hard on our team work and bond. Towards the end of October we completed our first One Day Event and ended up coming 5th, after a super double clear. Our dressage definitely needs a bit of work, but there is plenty of time to work on that before the eventing season starts again. Next up, we went to the East of England Team show jumping. We competed in the 80cm, and went clear in the first round, but had an unlucky pole down in the jump off, I relaxed and thought I had finished! As a team the day was great, and our team came 5th, which was a good start to November and boosted our confidence as a pair!

I then had the best surprise when I came home to all my Likit supplies! I think it’s fair to say Murphy was even more excited than me when he tried his rainbow Likit and I am so obsessed with how well the rug suits his dun coat…it looks amazing!
Harriet Nov 4
The majority of November was spent preparing and practising for my Pony Club C+ test, which I am very proud to say I passed after lots of hard work. Unfortunately, I couldn’t wear any of my new Likit gear, as it was strictly Tweed, however of course I rewarded Murphy with Likit Snaks!
Harriet Nov 3
Harriet Nov 2Then, we went to our first arena event. Our dressage test was improved, even though Murphy was a little tense, on a really windy day. I don’t think we made the best first impression to the judges when Murphy spooked and broke the dressage ring before we started! We had a clear round in show jumping, but lacked impulsion, another lesson to take home, keep cantering! Cross country didn’t go quite to plan; we got eliminated at the ditch so definitely need some practise jumping scary holes in the ground!

My last competition of the month was show jumping at Brook Farm, which was very beneficial for the both of us. In the 75cm we had a pole down, and once again it wasn’t very forward and I wasn’t riding the corners. However the 85cm was one of the best rounds we have ridden together! All though it wasn’t perfect, everything came together; we were forward and got the right striding over everything and it felt so good to be finally working so well together. This was until the last jump though when Murph decided to be a little bit cheeky and refuse, but I was still delighted knowing that together, when we focus we can get it right.

Overall, this was a busy month with some highs and lows. I am looking forward to next month and remembering to kick on in canter and keep the power around the corners!

Harriet & Murphy x



Written by Harriet Barron, #teamlikit at 19:00, 11 December 2017


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