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Wow, I can't believe I'm already writing my first blog of the year, it doesn't feel like a whole month has passed since the start of 2017!

January started as a frustrating month to say the least, as our lorry broke and took 2 weeks to fix, scuppering the plans we had for competitions and training! This meant that the next couple of weeks would be filled with lots of hacking and playing with the Snak-a-Ball! It was around the same time as this that I came to the sudden realisation that Eventing season was only 2 months away! And I began frantically pouring through schedules and finding training sessions to be a part of over the course of the next few weeks. With the lorry still not fixed, I took a weekend off to go down to Snowball Farm and watch two of my friends, Maria and Flossie, compete - it was definitely nice to have a relaxed and calm day without worrying about remembering courses for once! Both girls did fabulously, a special shout out to Flossie who won both her classes!
Flo Jan1
After what felt like years, we got our lorry back! And on short notice we hired an arena at Kensham and took Judith to pop over some fences, she jumped very nicely, and was rewarded with some Apple and Cinnamon Likit Snaks!
Flo Jan2Flo Jan3
The following weekend I took Judith to Cherwell Competition Centre, I'd never been before but the facilities were lovely! The day got off to a bit of a rocky start, with my brother having a rotational fall in an earlier class, which was terrifying to watch! He luckily escaped pretty much unscathed. Judith was a superstar in the 85cm, storming round to win 3rd place and £10, which is always a bonus! In the 95cm we just had an annoying 4 faults, but on the whole a successful day!
Flo Jan4
Later that week I took Judith out to BCA to have a lesson with Nicole Biggs which was, as always, very useful!

And then I made a last minute decision to take Towie to Snowball Farm to compete in the 80cm and 90cm class - despite her having had a bit of a quiet month. I went in with little expectations due to the fact we hadn't done much recently, and once again Towie proved me very wrong! I was running a bit late, and we only got a 10 minute warm up, which wasn't ideal! But Towie, who was definitely eager to be out, made light work of the 80cm and came 2nd! She then repeated herself in the 90cm to come 2nd again and I was very chuffed to say the least! We qualified for the Sunshine tour too, what a bonus!
Flo Jan5Flo Jan6
It was a brilliant day, I also got to catch up with Flossie and Maria again, who both competed and did awesome! Towie was rewarded for all her hard work with a Mint Likit Treat Bar, which was the highlight of her day!
Flo Jan7
The only slight dampener on the day was finding out that Judith and I got balloted out of our first event of the season at Aston-Le-Walls, but I'm sure I'll find something else to do instead!

February is set to be a very busy month, so stay tuned!

Written by Flo Carter, #teamlikit at 19:00, 13 February 2017


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