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I've had a very quiet month! With the fading light in the evenings and the end of the eventing season we've been giving Olaf a quiet few weeks, well... that was after our team chase!!
Carrie Nov 1
In early November Olaf and I headed over to Semer to compete in their annual team chase with my amazing team 'The need for speed' (consisting of Holly Hunter, Phoebe Prideaux and Phoebe Agar) all of which were on relatively small ponies so we were definitely one of the youngest teams on the field! In a very competitive full up course we all went a flying clear!! Especially great since none of us had even done a team chase in our lives! It was really great fun and at the end Olaf enjoyed a good Likit Sport (electrolyte) to replace lost salts after a long 5/6minute full speed gallop!!
Carrie Nov 2
Although, a couple of days later a very special parcel arrived! Olaf's Likits!! He has been munching on all of it for the last few weeks and really enjoying it all ( the rainbow Likit is proving to be a firm favorite) though I am trying to tone it down so we don't run out before the summer!! I guess they are simply irresistible!! Namingly, this arrived just days before Olaf and I's anniversary of 3years!! It doesn't feel like 3years, this season has gone so quickly it feels like only yesterday Olaf and I even met!!
Carrie Nov 3
Carrie Nov 4
So this month we have been all about keeping it calm and relaxed for Olaf as he's only young and we want him to enjoy Eventing as much as we do!! So hopefully all this work will come out in our scores next season, I have really had an exciting month and can't wait to give you all an update for December as it's an exciting packed month for me ( Expect ALOT of Christmas photos!!! ).
Carrie Nov 5
Team Chase Photo credit to 'One man & his photo machine' Craig Woolnough 

Written by Carrie Munro, #teamlikit at 20:00, 11 December 2017


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