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June was a month of ups and downs for Sprout and I, starting with a very early start on the 11th to Offchurch Bury to compete in the pre-areas warm up. We went round the 100 course in preparation for intermediate area eventing, where sprout had an unlucky two poles in the showjumping, purely because he had been woken up at 4am and was still half asleep.
Romy June 3Romy June 4
He then flew round the very meaty cross country with just one refusal at a jump into water which was causing lots of problems.
Romy June 5
Sprout’s technique has improved drastically recently which is really pleasing, and he felt a lot more forwards into the fences, which in the past had been an issue. We ended up 14th in a large section which I was happy with.

The following week was jam-packed, with me finally getting my braces off (I can smile properly for the first time in 2 years), my final GCSE and then Hambleden 100 on the 19th. Sprout had a rather tense dressage riding past the pony-eating flowerpots, but we scored a fair 39.5, being one of the 4 in my section getting a sub-40 score.
Romy June1Romy June2
We then flew the showjumping which so many riders were having issues with, but Sprout had no issues with until a triple bar which scared him, incurring some faults but he got over himself and finished nicely. Then came the cross country which I was positively wetting myself at whilst walking it, some of the jumps being bigger than me. Sprout however took me round safely, also receiving a comment from a course walker about what a “gutsy and brave pair we were”. Unfortunately the joy of going clear was soured as Sprout was unsound after he walked off, having been injured on the home stretch.
This has sadly put him out of ridden work for the time being, meaning I have unfortunately had to pull out of areas, as I do not want to risk him this early in the season. I am still going to each discipline to support OBH Hughenden Pony Club and the members, and am enjoying improving my photography in the meantime.

I hope everybody who had exams felt they went well, and that everyone has a brilliant summer, Romy and Sprout

Written by Romy Fryer, #teamlikit at 20:00, 14 July 2016


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