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January has bought mud, rain, mud, cold, mud and soggy saddles. Sprout and I started our season on January 6th by heading to the Berkshire College of Agriculture, to participate in their charity show. Being Romy, I left everything till the last minute and was running so late that I was still at home getting dressed, when in hindsight we should have been on the road!! So it was the quickest groom and load Sprout has ever done in his life; cleaning tack whilst heading down the M4 is not something I wish to repeat… that'll teach me to be unprepared! Despite this, we got there in time, and our first class was the puissance, which Sprout always loves; and this time was no exception! We were hurtling down to the ever-increasing jump which a significant lack of breaks (I think Sprout had missed jumping over his break!) and I was sitting there wondering if we would make it out alive for a lot of the rounds. Once the jump hit 1.20, there were only two pairs left in, Sprout and I being one of them! I was very proud of Sprout for getting that far, so when I mis-rode the jump and we knocked it, I wasn’t upset at all! We won a large goody bag full of treats and brushes which was a lovely token! After the puissance, we had a very long wait until out next class, which was the 90-1m class. When we braved the torrential rain and cold temperatures to enter the warm up, Sprout and I were very soggy and by the time our number was called, we were both feeling tired and just wanted to hit the hay! Sprout has a tendency to take his own view on a showjumping course, and decided to refuse the first jump, but then woke up and stormed over the rest of the course, putting in tight turns and clearing them all by miles! Unfortunately we didn't place but I was very pleased with him for our first show back! Sprout and I were kitted out in our Likit gear, and had lots of people coming up to us to enquire about our sponsorship, and ask questions about the products which was exciting! (video can be viewed here).
Romy Jan4
This is the year that mum has finally agreed to let me affiliate BSJA for my last year in ponies which is very exciting! We will be travelling to POYS over easter weekend to hopefully compete in the Intermediate classes (1.05-1.10m)
On the 24th, sprout and I went to Fullers Hill Farm (Amersham Livery) for a lesson with the incredible Charly Edwards. Sprout really pulled it out the bag for this, and jumped like a stag, ending round a 1.10-1.20m course! Charly is a fabulous showjumping instructor, and always manages to get the best out of Sprout and I! She is based in Andover, and competes regularly at a high level on her team of talented showjumpers. The video of our lesson can be viewed here,  A huge thank you to Astrid for coming to take some incredible photos of Sprout and I!
Romy Jan1Romy Jan2

Sprout and I also had a brilliant flatwork lesson with Hayley Godwin, who has been instructing us for over 8 years now!! Hayley always gets the best out of Sprout and I, and has managed to put up with us for this long, which is an achievement in itself! 
On Sunday the 31st we went to Attington Stud for a pony club rally with OBH Hughenden Pony Club, in which Sprout behaved himself very well, tackling some tricky combinations! . I love going to pony club with Sprout! OBH(H) always have rallies with incredible instructors and everybody is incredibly friendly! There’s tea and cake, and everybody always has a fabulous time! Being a very small pony club, we are always on the lookout for new members, so come and have a look! Amanda (our DC) is very supportive of everything each member does, and is the best DC around (not that I'm biased or anything..)
Romy Jan3Romy Jan5Romy Jan6 
Next month we have a few things planned. On the 7th, Sprout and I are tackling some intermediate Stressage at Widmer EC, then Sprout has a 10 day break whilst I hit the ski slopes of Austria for half term, then I’ve somehow found myself entered in a bareback scurry at Bury Farm on the evening of the 27th, as well as competing in the Area 12 Pony Club Quiz earlier that day… Who knows how it will end, watch this space! 
Written by Romy Fryer, #teamlikit at 13:00, 18 February 2016


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