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February has been a very busy month for both Izzy and I with lots of competitions to keep us out of mischief. I just thought I’d say to everyone Happy leap year! As this only happens once every 4 years- so why not?! The month began with dressage run by my pony club (Mid Surrey) where we competed in the PC Novice 2009 to finish with 64.8%, leaving us 10th. It was very cold and windy but Izzy was noticed in her Likit white numnah.
Megan Feb1
Following on with the dressage theme, last month Izzy and I entered the NSEA Pop Up Dressage which is an online dressage competition, meaning that there isn’t the hassle of getting to the venue or plaiting. I entered just to see what it was like and was so shocked to see that Izzy and I had won with a percentage of 74.6% (our personal best)!

The February half term came around quickly so lots more horsey time!

The first weekend was spent at Bury Farm EC for NSEA Jumping with style. Izzy jumped a lovely double clear in the 80cm to be placed 10th individually out of 70+ riders. Annoyingly, we had 2 time penalties otherwise we would have come 2nd and qualified for the champs.
Megan Feb2Megan Feb3
Later on brought PC Teams SJ at Felbridge. A very busy event, were we just had a pole in the 85-90cm class. The Likit rug was on show which caught the attention of many passer-by’s. 
Megan Feb4Megan Feb5
Finally at the end of the month, we competed in our riding clubs (Bookham) junior team in SJ at Sands Farm. Great day out as our team finished in 2nd! As usual Izzy and I have been having our regular lessons with Viv Pearson to continue our progress in jumping and dressage and with the lighter evenings gradually getting longer, we will be able to go on longer hacks and forget about the flood lit lessons in the school. Izzy is constantly demolishing her Likits in her toys and she loves her Likit Snaks in her Snak a Ball - once she realises what to do with it.

With Easter approaching fast, means another school holiday with 2 weeks off where I have already planned to fill them with competitions, training and hacking- despite my Dad’s plea for a holiday in the Sun!!!

Until next month, Megan & Izzy x

Written by Megan Long, #teamlikit at 21:15, 08 March 2016


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