Meet Lucy Wallace #teamlikit

The Human Name: Lucy Wallace
Age: 17

The horse Name: Coletta (Cally, Cal or Coletta the Savage)
Age: 8
Height: 16.2
About Coletta: Anybody who knows Coletta knows that she is a very… Unique? Special? Strange? Challenging? (You get the idea), horse. Coletta quite possibly has the biggest personality and heart to match, not one second is ever been boring. Coletta can be a bit of a savage when it comes to food and jumping but she is quite honestly one of the nicest and kindest horses ever. Coletta adores her showjumping and is proving to be quite talented in the dressage ring! She’s not fussy when it comes to food, everything and anything that can be eaten (or not) she will eat. Party rings and cheese sandwiches (with ketchup) are her favourite none horsey treats. Christmas cookie Likit’s and Stud muffins are her favourite horsey treats.
My favourite thing about Coletta is that when I call her name from a far she will call back to me, if she is in the field she will trot over but if she is in her stable she will stand at the front of her stable watching me walk in.
Lucy QF1
In which disciplines do you compete?
Myself and Coletta are currently competing in local unaffiliated dressage and showjumping shows. We compete in classes of 90cm through to 1.10 and intro dressage. We have just completed our first season together which held many successes. We were placed every time we went out and even completed a sponsored ride which was great fun. We are also competing for our Ponyclub. That is mainly in showjumping but at rallies and training events we do activities such as horse ball and pony club games.
Lucy QF2
When did you first become interested in horse riding and why?
As a child my mother put me into every sports club you could imagine, tap dancing, gymnastics, acting groups, street dancing, football, you name it I was put into it. Besides football I really did not love any of them. When I was 5 me and my father went on a donkey ride in Spain, I loved it. When we arrived home from the holiday we went to the local riding school to book in a lead rein lesson and the rest they say is history. I have never looked back since. I used to help out on the riding school every Saturday after a day of pony club and would also come up for a pony club lesson on a Thursday after school until I got my own pony when I was 7. In the 11 years I have been riding I have stayed at the same equestrian centre. My dad has always been my biggest fan and supporter throughout my entire riding life, he always finds me the help I need and has bought me new horses without moaning when I out grew the smaller ones. I couldn’t thank him enough and because of him I have continued my riding life.
Lucy QF3
What is your greatest achievement to date in your chosen discipline?
I think my greatest achievement to date would be qualifying the 90cm finals at hickstead with my pony Domino in 2015. Unfortunately, Domino passed away this June but he is and always will be my greatest achievement. Dom not only brought me success but he also brought me happiness, meaning and a purpose. He truly was a very big part of the family and is missed so dearly. My greatest achievement with Coletta is definitely coming 2nd in our first ever 1.10 class at Quainton stud back in May. It was our 3rd show together and she was incredible.
Lucy QF4
What do you hope to achieve with your pony/horse in 2016/2017?
My plan for 2017 is to affiliate Coletta (showjumping) and compete at venues such as Hickstead. I would like to be competing in foxhunter classes by the end of next year as we are currently doing 1.10 classes. I am also planning on taking Coletta to a few one day events towards the end of next summer as she is proving to be quite the athlete in the cross country field.
Lucy QF5
Which of the Likit toys and treats are your favourite and why? Personally my favourite Likit toy is the Boredom Buster. Coletta adores hers and it keeps her occupied for hours. She is a very fidgety horse and does not like being in at all so throughout the dark and wet winter days she is given a likit in her boredom buster to help break up the long, cold, boring days. I personally love the smell of the Likit Electro Bars (I really don’t know why). I also feel they are a very easy and convenient way of replenishing salts lost through sweet after a show or a hot day at training. Coletta does not like electrolytes in her feed, she will not eat them so instead I give her a likit electro-bar.
Lucy QF6
Finally, if you could spend the day with any professional equestrian who would it be and why?
If I could spend a day with any professional equestrian, it would definitely be Natasha Baker. Natasha Baker is a para dressage rider who is an absolute inspiration. She won gold at London 2012 & Rio this year! I would love to meet Natasha as she seems to be a real lovely lady who works incredibly hard to make the best of a hard situation. She inspires me day in and day out to work hard and appreciate everything I have. My aunty (Lyn Hanlon) taught Natasha when she was in primary school so that would also be lovely to tell her.
Lucy QF7 

Written by Lucy Wallace, #teamlikit at 17:00, 26 October 2016


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