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I’ve no idea where to even begin! Despite the cold, wet weather myself and Coletta managed to continue on (she did not approve). We’ve recently discovered that Coletta really likes frost, I took her over to my car to get something out of my boot (no tie up was available) and she began to lick the top of my car clean of the frost… Looks like all those likit’s have gone to her head slightly…
Lucy Dec1
December has very much been a training and demonstration month, our pony club held a few lectures and training days, and Arena UK held a demonstration with Tina Cook and Charlie Hutton. We continued to hack out when possible however the ground and weather has been so bad that it has proven to be very challenging! We had two shows planned of which both got cancelled due to their arenas flooding which wasn’t great.
Lucy Dec2
Once again I went to meet up with the lovely Flossie Miller, Louis was savage but he’s so lovely and adorable. I took some nice Christmassy photos for Flossie of her and Louis as she had asked me to, Louis really did not like me or the tinsel which is always a great start to a photoshoot… He was fine after Flossie tricked him into having it on his saddle though. On the page of meetups, I also managed to meet a few YouTube friends at Olympia this year! Myself and Florence Molloy met up and are planning to do a few meetups with the horses this year which should be great fun.
Lucy Dec3
Instead of making a December review video I decided to make a 2016 video! I really like the outcome and hope that others do to. 2016 has been both challenging but rewarding, I’ve had the worst and best moments of my life but have ultimately walked into 2017 a much better and stronger person because of it.

I hope everybody has a fantastic Christmas and 2017! I’m really looking forward to what 2017 has to hold, especially when the sun decides to return!

Lots of love, Lucy & Coletta
Lucy Dec4 

Written by Lucy Wallace, #teamlikit at 08:00, 16 January 2017


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