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I have to start by apologising for my lack of activity this month. Unfortunately, this month my nan passed away so we have been very focussed on planning and having her funeral. This has meant that we have not been taking Coletta out as much as we usually do or would like to. December is a new month though for us to crack on and catch up with the competing that we have missed out on these past two months.
LW Nov1
At the very beginning of the month we had a successful outing to BCA for a charity show in aid of children in need. We picked up a 6th in our class which is a success considering we have not been out since September! We also went in first out of 46 so didn’t get to watch other people going round the course! Coletta was fab and we had lots of compliments on our lovely Likit rug, numnah and jacket! It was a very wet and cold day but we kept warm thanks to our clothing provided by Likit! Coletta received a packet of Stud Muffins and Likit Snaks between our class and the results to keep her occupied and rewarded!
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On Sunday the 27th myself and my best friend Kate took Coletta and her horse Gina to Rose water woods. We had to travel about 40 minutes to get there in the trailer however it was a lovely hack and we had a great escape from reality! Once again the horses were rewarded with a bag of Likit Snaks each for being so well behaved whilst travelling and being ridden.
LW Nov5
Coletta has been working extremely well on the flat this, we have been focussing on her suppleness during her extended trot which has been going great. She is such a willing horse and loves to learn new things.
LW Nov6LW Nov7
Coletta also managed to get into my locker this month and steal a kilo of carrots…

We also gave Coletta another one of her Likit toys this month, we gave her the Likit Boredom Buster! She loves it however gets slightly angry when it does not end in her favour… She nearly kicked a hole in the door the other day out of excitement when I turned up with Likit refills for her!
LW Nov8
If anyone is attending Olympia next month I will be there on the Saturday & Sunday shopping and watching. Thank you all so much for the continued support this month, I will be getting out more and more hopefully provided that no more drama occurs! Over the summer months (March onwards) we will definitely be out and about most weekends.

Written by Lucy Wallace, #teamlikit at 15:00, 05 December 2016


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