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This month was amazing and I can't wait to tell you about it!

Granny has been practicing her driving with passion it has been going really well and even I was having a go.

And this month passion had her first compition and did really really really really really good, no AMAZING! She came reserve champion 2 first and 2 seconds we were sooooo happy. I also got to show Celticmist Absolut Bliss owned by Sue O'Neill. She is passions sister!! We did really well and I came home with 3 firsts and a champion! It was and awesome day!
Lately every wednesday we have been practicing running and swimming for minimus and last month was the minimus championship. We even got to stay overnight it was sooooo much fun. On the first day we had cross country and the course was really really really big and hard, my team and I were really nervous but once we got going we were fine. I was soooo happy to cross the fish line I couldnt believe I had acually done it! Then that night me and all my friends got to sleep in the tents. It was soooo much fun. The next day I had to get up early and go swimming. Me and my friend Sarah and Lucy did really well and when we got back we chilled until running. We all ran in a team and we all did really well. We were very very very tired after and it was really hot so we had a bit of a water fight. We had soooo much fun over the weekend. My friend Lucy got paired with another club as they did not have enough members for a team and guess what..... her team came 4th !! We were so happy for her!

I have also started show jumping lessons with Kevin McGuinness on a Friday on Big Silver. THese have been awesome and he has us jumping really giid and big!! I am hoping to get on the U12s show jumping team for my pony club so fingers crossed!!
likit delivery
Likit as always have been super generous and sent even more Likits! All the ponies were super happy and we have to keep making it more difficult for big silver as he eats the Likits rather then licking them Emoji!! I have also been using my Likit Snaks to train Little Silver to bow. I hope he will know it by the time we go to Missina! I can't wait to tell you about next month because missina is getting closer and we have to do a lot of practice for it. I cant wait!!!

Lots of horses Laura and Little silver

Written by Laura Dunne, #teamlikit at 13:00, 05 July 2016


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