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October started off for me with clipping! Ben had turned into a very fluffy pony and it was time for it to be all taken off! I decided this year that I was going to buy a set of clippers so I could clip him myself. This could have gone very badly considering I had never held a pair of clippers before, let alone clipped a horse. Fortunately he didn’t turn out half bad and was very patient with me throughout it. I was also trusted to clip my friends pony Dusty and he didn’t turn out too bad either! I gave Ben a full clip and Dusty a bib clip.
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Throughout September and the start of October we did a lot of cross country schooling and galloping in the stubble fields. This was all to prepare and fitten up Ben for the Ballymacad hunt Carlanstown hunter trials on the 9th of October. I was really looking forward to going and Ben loves cross country! We did novice pairs with Alex and her pony Trigger, and we did pre-novice pairs with Aoife and Dusty.
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I led round both of them as Ben refuses to stay behind! In the novice pairs I had a refusal on the second part of a one stride double but he did it again straight after. Then unfortunately only 3 jumps from home, we were going around a really tight U bend in water and Trigger tripped whilst going round the corner and Alex came off. She was fine and she got back on and we finished the course! We got the whole round on video on the GoPro that Alex wore, I'll link the video for that if anyone would like to watch it. Then I gave Aoife and Dusty a lead round the pre-novice course and we were both clear all the way! It was a long but extremely well run day by the ballymacads!

A few days after that I came home from school to see five big boxes sitting in my hallway! I can’t thank Likit enough for their generosity! In the boxes there was Likit toys, refills, treats and of course the branded clothing.
Klara Oct4
I brought some down to Ben straight away and rode him in his green Likit numnah and I wore my Likit gilet. He tried out the blueberry and candy cane Little Likits (two flavours hes never tried before) and loved them both! We then put the Tongue Twister up in his stable and the Boredom Breaker. I then tried to show him how to use the Snak-a-Ball. At first he was confused because he would kick it around the stable but I don’t think he realised that Snaks came out so he would just keep rolling it round the stable and not eating the snaks! I had to show him the Snaks on the ground so he would realise that they came out of the ball!
Klara Oct5
We spent the next few weeks after that getting ready for our first interschools showjumping of the year. It was on the 23rd of October in Killossery. On the way there in the horsebox, Ben wore his Likit rug to keep him warm! When we got there I hung up a Likit holder in the horsebox with him to keep him occupied whilst I walked the course and did entries. He was a star whilst jumping, but the jockey needs to sort out her navigational issues! I think his lucky white Likit numnah gave him wings as he was flying over every jump. He got lots of snaks and stud muffins after!
Klara Oct6
Klara Oct7Last week from the 24th-28th of October, I was doing work experience at the Army Equitation School. It was such an amazing week and I wish I could go back and do it again. Everyone was so friendly and helpful. It was brilliant being up close and personal with grand prix showjumpers and 3* eventers. I had to muck out, groom, tack up, wash them and put out on the walker. They even have a hydrotherapy spa and I got to watch one of the horses in it. It was a bit cold being out on the yard all day but I wore my Likit gilet to keep me warm and I think the horses liked the Likit Snaks I brought for them!

I decided to get Ben in the mood for Halloween and do a Halloween themed photoshoot with him but I don’t think he was too impressed by it haha! I’ve now discovered that Ben likes riding bitless. He is now hacking and jump schooling at home bitless! Unfortunately Aoife sold her pony Dusty, who Ben was living with, but I think having all of his Likit toys and treats is helping keep his mind off of Dusty.
Klara Oct8
I hope everyone had a good Halloween and now that the clocks have gone back, are battling through the dark, cold evenings at the yard! I made a little video to sum up what we got up to October (Inspired by Lucy Wallace's video!) for you to watch.


Until next month, Klara & Ben x
Klara Oct9 

Written by Klara Ewings, #teamlikit at 21:00, 06 November 2016


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