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February was an action packed month!  We started it off by going to BS Juniors at Muirmill Equestrian Centre.  Lucky and I did two classes and we were 1st  in one class and 2nd in the other and won  £45.  I was delighted, Whoop Whoop!!  I had been saving up to buy Lucky a new rug so I came straight home from the show and went online and ordered her a new purple and black stable rug for a reduced price of £29. Bargain!!  I then traded my remaining money with one of the girls in the yard at home for a nice turquoise saddle cloth and matching browband. Lucky wee Lucky!!

Lucy Feb1 Lucy Feb2

We went to BS Junior Academy for training at Morris Equestrian Centre in February and I saw all my friends and their ponies, we had a great fun lesson with Aileen Craig but she made us do sit ups and push ups at the end of the lesson because we were letting our ponies travel round the corners disunited and because we all talked too much!!  Our lesson then had to pick a famous rider as homework to study them and try to copy and ride as well as them for next month. We learned lots in the lesson and I was told to not be in such a rush to get to the first fence and to take my time to allow Lucky to settle and bring her back to walk as she is a bit stressy and likes to tear off the minute the bell goes.

Later in the month I had several second hand saddles home to try out as I was getting too big for my old one. I loved the Pessoa saddle which was the same as my old one but it had a bigger seat and I was secretly hoping it fitted. Thankfully it did and both Lucky and I had a great day out at the beach to test it out! We had a school holiday in February and it was freezing cold with biting winds and sleet and snow but undeterred we took the horses into a nearby town and hacked for hours negotiating traffic lights, roundabouts, buses, bridges and tunnels getting some very strange looks from the drivers.

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Also during the February holiday I brought my old pony Freddie in from the field, he is 12 year old and 12 hands high. He has been wintering out at home keeping the young horses company. He was so tiny, I couldn’t believe how small he seemed to be or perhaps how large I had become??  I coudnt resist a wee ride and hacked him down to the village bareback a few times and also had a sneaky canter in the arena.  Think the time has come to find him another wee rider although its going to be so sad as I love him so much.

Lucy Feb5

The day after our long ride we returned to Muirmill but sadly our classes resulted in 4fts in one and 8fts in the other.  We joked that perhaps poor Lucky was exhausted after her marathon hack the day before and was maybe not feeling the freshest to go jumping. We still managed to pick up a 5th place in the 90cm class even with our faults and that cheered us up.

Our last show of the month was at a show centre we had never been to before, Inchcoonans in Perth.  It took us almost 2 and a half hours to get there. As we live near the sea we don’t get much snow landing , but as we travelled North to Inchcoonans the snow became thicker and was beginning to lie. We almost turned back but decided to stick it out and see what the weather was like when we got there.  The show was OUTSIDE in their all weather arena!! It was a lovely venue with nice home baking too but we definitely didn’t choose the best day to go.  Lucky and I did two classes and won them both getting £55 prize money – just love my pony!!   It was pretty much a whiteout whilst we all jumped and poor Lucky and I could barely see going round the arena.  My jodhpurs got soaked through and much to my horror and embarrassment they then became see through!!  My  friends and my mum and dad thought it was hilarious.  Thankfully I had a change of clothes with me but I had forgotten to put another jacket in the horsebox so I ended up wearing one which I have had for 5 years and it was a bit small to say the least and not at all flattering!!

Lucy Feb6

We are looking forward to March when the clocks will change and make riding easier after school. Easter holidays are looming, Easter eggs and some fun outdoor shows. Cant wait!! Happy riding everyone, roll on Spring!!

Love Lucy and Lucky xx

Written by Lucy Rennie, #teamlikit at 12:30, 09 March 2015
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