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My advanced dressage horse Cash has made great improvements in soundness and it is likely I will be able to start riding him again soon after almost 6 months out of work. I have ordered a new saddle for him (which I am very excited about, and it will hopefully arrive in about 6 weeks time.  In the meantime I am working on building his muscle and top line back after he has lost weight and muscle due to not working. We are lunging everyday in walk and trot (I don't feel his back is strong enough for canter work yet) and I am doing lots of walking with him up and down hills in hand too to help build his strength. When the new saddle arrives I then intend to start low level work with lots of stretching and begin to hack him and build it all up gradually then back to more flat work in the school.


Whilst Cash has been out of work I have been working hard to keep Sebastian fit and have been working on teaching him more advanced movements like shoulder in. I have been working on improving his trot and on sending his canter more forward, overall trying to increase his energy. He is a quick learner and is doing very well and I am really pleased with how he is progressing each and every day since I have had him over the last 3 years. I took him out to do a couple Elementary tests as training. Here's some photos of me training at home with Sebastian preparing for the event, and giving him his Likit Snaks which he gets after each time he is ridden, also onto the competition where you can see me and Seb warming up at the venue proudly wearing our Likit Numnah. I also added the photo of Seb wearing his blingy green browband that matches his Likit numnah. 





Written by Eden-Maia, #teamlikit at 21:30, 21 April 2015


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