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Hi everyone, Hope you all had a fantastic Christmas and Happy New Year! I have finally got round to writing my blog, having just completed the dreaded January exams at uni. This year the horses and I have a lot to look forward to, with the Badminton Grassroots Championships in May and my two exciting baby horses hopefully making their first BE appearances!

Emily Dec1

I was lucky enough to pick up my early Christmas present (Locky) at the end of November (as a 4 year old at the time) and he has exceeded all my expectations giving me my first jumping session after I broke my arm back in September! Here’s a video clip…you can notice my slightly weak left arm (but it’s getting there!)

Elzas, not wanting to be out done by the new boy sure did put his springs on and showed me he still remembers how to fly…

Emily Dec2

It has been very exciting getting back to jumping and the two baby horses are certainly enjoying it! Locky is also enjoying his Likits and his particular favourites are the blueberry and also the Honey + camomile! He had never seen Likits before so we introduced them to him ‘slowly’ and he was very he is being a VERY noisy licker on his first ever Likit try!!

The boys couldn’t believe their eyes when they saw their Christmas presents from Likit on Christmas day! They were very spoilt, so I have made them write a thank you card which should be on the way to Likit HQ now!

Emily Dec3


It has all been very busy here with mum and dad going back to work and myself going back to Uni for exams! The horses have also been busy too with some training to start getting them ready for (what I hope will be) a brilliant eventing season ahead!  (although after Dad lit a fire at the end of the arena one evening, Elzas now believes he is training to be a police horse haha!)

Emily Dec4

At the moment we are not enjoying the dark nights and late finishes for me at Uni, but I am extremely lucky to have a lovely arena with temporary lights, which means I am able to exercise the horses every day after uni! At the moment we are doing lots of road work for their fitness on weekends and we have been lucky enough to have training at Pontispool with Caroline Creighton last weekend. Elzas had a session of ‘Gymnastic Jumping’- training which has given us both a lot to think about for our work at home. Locky was lucky enough to have spin round the fantastic arena XC facilities they have and it was his frist time doing ditches, water and the solid jumps!

Emily Dec7

We are all very excited for the upcoming season and wish everyone and your horses and ponies all the best for 2015!

Love Emily and the Boys x

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