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Padmay1The past month has been a bit chaotic with exams and horses, but my GCSEs are finally over so we can now crack on with the summer!

To start the month I took both Padmay and Yeti to Cricklands for an unaffiliated show to jump the Arena Hunter Trial. This was a nice change for them, a bit different to the usual show jumping tracks! This show was a few days after the final 3 #teamlikit riders were chosen, and we had an unexpected shoutout from the commentator (Steve Lynch, who voted for me) to say thank you for everyone voting and for their support!  Padmay unfortunately had a pole down about half way around the course, but I was very pleased with her as it was something new that she'd never sPadmay Discoveryeen beforehand but she handled it well. Yeti had a 4th in the 1m and went on to have a great win in the 1.10m!

The next week, I took both horses to Summerhouse EC for a BS show, where Yeti won the 90cm. Padmay jumped her first Discovery, she was very green but completed the course with the last fence down in the jump off.

Due to my exams, our next outing had to wait until a few weeks later. This was another unaffiliated show where Yeti came 4th in the 3ft and 5th in the 3'3", jumping well despite the heat and the horrendous horse flies! Padmay had a pole in the jump off of the 3ft, but I was pleased with her because her jumping is improving with every outing.

Then, on 17th June, my exams were finally over!!

Yeti LikitSo the same day I had my final exam, I headed straight from school down to Wiltshire with Padmay for a jumping lesson with my trainer, Ernest Dillon. I love his lessons because I always feel like we have accomplished something each time and I like Ernest's style of teaching - he always tells it how it is! It's also so nice to see Padmay improving.

A few days later mum and I headed to Weston-super-Mare with Padmay for another BS show. We had a pole down in the jump of of both classes - again!! We seem to be having a bit of four fault-isis at the moment which is rather annoying when we are trying to get our double clears in for next years Second Rounds. Hopefully we'll get there soon!

BeachOn 24th June we headed to the beach at Merthyr Mawr in order to get some water prep in for Chepstow Horse Trials. The good news is that Padmay has overcome her fear of water. However, while at the beach she was attacked and bitten by a dog on her hock. She was immediately referred to the Equine Hospital in Breadstone where she had X rays, a joint tap and an ultrasound. Luckily these came back clear. However the wound was infected from the dogs saliva so Padmay had to stay at the hospital for 5 days on IV antibiotics.
Unfortunately this meant we had to withdraw her from her first BE event at Chepstow Horse Trials which was supposed to be on 29th June. We picked Pads up on 30th June; the wound is healing well and hopefully she won't be on box rest for too long. Luckily she has plenty of Likit Treats & Toys to play with so I don't have to worry about her becoming bored! We alternate her toys - she doesn't enjoy having the dressing on her hock changed, so we use the Paddock Likit to keep her occupied and she is as good as gold! Overnight she gets the Likit Boredom-breaker and during the day she plays Padmay PLIKwith the Likit Snak-a-ball. She is having endless fun whilst being on box rest!

We hope that Padmay will be up and running again before too long! Yeti is also very pleased to have her best friend back!

Tommy is also doing well - 6 months ago he was diagnosed with Cushings disease and X-rays showed that he had severe pedal bone rotation. Thanks to careful shoeing and hoof realignment he has now been back in work for about 2 months. We thought that Tommy would never be ridden again but he is now being ridden by a few small children, lunged, and I also take him out ride-and-lead with Yeti. At the age of 22, I am just so pleased to see him happy and healthy. Yesterday we took him to his first show in about 3 years, where he jumped a few lovely clears and came home with a 2nd and a 4th!

Tommy1We've got lots of plans for the summer. This weekend we are taking Yeti to the July Meeting at Wales & West.  I am hoping to become a Vet, so next week (7th - 10th July) I have a place at Nottingham University for a Vetsim course, so the horses are going to have a little break! We then have lots of one-day BS shows around the country, but what I'm looking forward to most is the Welsh Home Pony at Wales & West at the end of July (23rd - 27th). I plan to take Yeti, and hopefully Padmay too if she is back in action by then.

I hope everyone has a great summer with their horses,

Gaby x

Written by Gaby Struel, #teamlikit at 15:00, 07 July 2014


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