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Well for Immi and me, June started with the mammoth journey home from University at Hartpury in Gloucester, to Brighton it takes us around 5 hours and is always a relief to arrive home safely!

ImmiHowever there was no time to rest as two days after arriving home Immi and I were up at the crack of dawn and off to the Surrey summer show! This is a big local show that we try to attend every year, this year I thought it would be fun to give showing a go so Immi was entered into riding/hack horse class.  Both of us are complete novices at showing so it was very intimidating to enter the ring which was full of around 30 odd very professional looking horses and riders, however Immi did me proud keeping her head for the group walk, trot and canter and then doing a beautiful individual show. As i said it was a very strong class so i was completely astounded when Immi and I were pulled in 6th we got some fantastic comments off the judge Immi 3who really liked Immi, it was definitely a huge confidence boost and something i would certainly like to continue to do for fun. To finish this fantastic result off we then entered the bareback show jumping for a bit of fun we placed 4th but was mostly a relief to get round the course and still be on board!

The rest of June has been quiet for us with Immi still continuing her rehab from her illness, we have been doing a lot of strength and conditioning work as well as hiring out arenas to train round a course of jumps. As of the 1st of july Immi was re-registered with BSJA. Our first affiliated show for nearly 8months! is on Saturday 5th WATCH THIS SPACE...

If you would like to keep up to date with what Immi and I have been up to then please check out our new Facebook page FKMequestrian and give us a ‘like’.

Written by Freya Rooke, #teamlikit at 15:00, 07 July 2014


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